Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Call for nominations to serve as members of the National Small Business Advisory Council

The Sunday Times published this notice below. High Time!

I have submitted Parliamentary Questions to the Minister asking her to give some important additional information related to the appointments. I will publish the answers on this blog - don't hold your breath!

See below:

1.       With reference to the call for nominations of candidates for the National Small Business Advisory Council, published in the Sunday Times on August 23rd,

a.       why has it taken fifteen months since the Department of Small Business Development was formed for the call for nominations to be published?
b.      how many Council members does the Minister intend appointing?
c.       what proportion of Council members will be appointed from government, business and civil society?
d.      who will make up the adjudication panel for making the appointments?, 
e.      when will the appointments be announced?; and
f.        what will Council members be paid in addition to their travelling and accommodation costs?

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