Monday, 22 January 2018

DA lays intimidation charge against ANC candidate in Ward 14 by-election

Case number Ref NR 326/1/2018 Contact 011 986 9272

DA activist Thenjiwe Mbete yesterday laid a charge of intimidation against ANC ward councillor candidate Makapane Mokwena at the Protea Glen police station.

This follows an incident yesterday morning at the Voting Station where Ms Mbete is volunteering during the registration day for the forthcoming by-election in Ward 14 of the City of Johannesburg.

At approximately 8:15 I arrived at the voting station in Protea North to greet DA activists. As I drove onto the premises I was confronted by a man who began shouting at me. When I asked him what the matter was he continued to shout and accused me of trying to run him over. I apologised and said I had not seen him and certainly did not try to run him over. After greeting DA activists I then drove off to another voting station. I was later told that the man is the ANC ward candidate. 
What then occurred, and was later related to me by Ms Mbete, is truly shocking and reflects very badly on the character or Mr Mokwena, and calls into question his suitability as a public representative.

According to Ms Mbete and several witnesses, Mr Mokwena continuously insulted me and threatened to hit me as I departed in my car. When Ms Mbete tried to calm down the situation he showed them his leg and said "this is what the Boers did to me, why are you protecting these Boers, he drove at me like a he was riding over a baboon. I'm going to kill him and drop his body in this gateway".

He used very threatening language against Ms Mbete. His wife also threatened to beat up Ms Mbete, saying she was not going to leave this station, implying she would be killed.

I have reported this incident to the IEC and gave a statement to the Presiding Officer in the voting station. I am also going to lay a charge of racism against Mr Mokwena with the Human Rights Commission.

I call on the ANC to discipline its member and replace him with someone who respects the law and rejects the use of intimidation and threats of violence against law-abiding citizens.

Media inquiries
Soweto West Constituency head
Toby Chance
083 251 5613

Gauteng Provincial Media officer
Lebogang Serapelwane
073 063 4607

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  1. ANC members kill each other for political purposes, why stop at opposition? This is still the urban areas. As you move to the rural areas - the councellors job is the ONLY job available. You are threatening to take the food off this mans table - that is stomach politics in South Africa. #termlimits