Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Press statement: DA launches drive to show E-tolls impact on Gauteng businesses

DA launches drive to show E-tolls impact on Gauteng businesses
08 October 2014
Release: immediate
The DA today launches a drive to give business owners in Gauteng a voice against E-tolls.
Owners of small, medium and large enterprises in Gauteng are encouraged to send us breakdowns of their E-toll bills as part of phase one.
All information gathered in this drive will be compiled into a report on the impact of E-tolling on businesses in the province.
The DA will use this report to continue the fight against E-tolls on behalf of businesses, and all residents of Gauteng. 

The cost of e-tolls to businesses, and their ability to create jobs, should be the single biggest reason for us all to fight this unjust system.
The ANC in Gauteng has let people down in the past by allowing E-tolling to be rolled out in the first place. 
Now the same ANC is making promises to “stick with the people of Gauteng”, in our overwhelming opposition to E-tolling.
Now is the time for the people of Gauteng to make sure Premier David Makhura and others keep their promise.
We must not stop putting pressure on these politicians until E-tolling is brought to an end, once and for all.
By participating in this drive, business owners will strengthen the campaign against E-tolling in Parliament, the Gauteng legislature, and on the ground.
There can be no doubt that E-tolling is squeezing the life out of the province’s economy.
These days, owners of trading businesses in Orange Farm must make a return trip through 5 gantries to fetch stock in Johannesburg, costing them hundreds of rands a month.
There is also the example of a large corporate, Shoprite, that had already run up a R4 million E-toll bill within the first 4 months of the system.
Tough times for business mean less jobs and higher prices for all of us.
In the coming weeks the DA’s drive to reach business owners will include personal visits, bulk emails, and social media.
Owners of small, medium and large enterprises can send breakdowns of their E-tolling costs to, or alternatively contact their local DA representatives for assistance.
Media enquiries:
Toby Chance MP
DA Shadow Minister of Small Business Development
083 251 5613
Luyanda Mfeka
Media Officer
079 546 9518

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