Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Motion without Notice congratulating the creators of the Philippi Village business incubator

Today I moved a Motion without Notice in the House of Assembly recognising the opening of the Philippi Village, which I attended yesterday. It was a wonderful occasion, with music and dance to entertain us and some bearably short but good speeches from all the organisations involved in creating this amazing space. Helen Zille was the keynote speaker and said that she remembered the cement factory as a political incubator, not the business incubator that it has become. An apposite metaphor.

As with all Motions without Notice moved in the House for the past few weeks, the EFF objected, so it would not be written into the Parliamentary record. These spoiling tactics of the EFF are getting on everyone's nerves and will come back to haunt them.

Internal Ref Number:
Toby Chance

I hereby move on behalf of the Democratic Alliance that this House:

1     Acknowledges the outstanding achievement that is the Philippi Village business incubation hub, located in the central Cape Town suburb of Philippi, which was officially opened on Monday by the Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille;
2    Notes that Philippi Village came about through the inspired leadership and cooperation of the Bertha Centre, the Business Place Network, the Jobs Fund, the Industrial Development Corporation, the City of Cape Town and Metropolitan Life;
3    Further notes that through an investment of R95 million, the old cement works in Philippi has been converted into a state-of-the art, world class incubation hub which aims to revitalize the local economy through the provision of excellent infrastructure for up to 100 small businesses in a safe, business-friendly environment;
4    Looks forward to the establishment of the Philippi library in the main ground floor space in the next few months, providing the local community with a place of learning and knowledge acquisition so vital for its youth to realises its true potential; and

5    Encourages the partners in this project to turn it into a benchmark that can be replicated countrywide, and so make a real impact on small business and job creation in our country.

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