Thursday, 8 June 2017

DA votes against the Department of Small Business Development budget

Appropriations Bill budget votes
Small Business Development
Vote 31
8th June 2017
Toby Chance

Thank you madam Speaker.

This department has had no impact on the factors underpinning growth in the economy, essential to the creation, survival and growth of small businesses. It is silent on essential issues of regulatory, tax and labour reform.

With the country now in recession, opportunities for small businesses to grow are even more remote.

Its programmes and agencies are invisible to more than 97% of businesses in South Africa.

Minister Zulu missed an opportunity to be visible and relevant to these businesses by failing to support the DA’s Red Tape Impact Assessment Bill.

Her department’s narrow focus and continued funding of programmes widely acknowledged to be failing cannot be justified.

While small business development should be a government priority, in the hands of this minister and her directionless department it is all talk, excuses and no action.

Instead of being the champion of small business across government, Minister Zulu puts more energy into defending an indefensible president.

The DA cannot support this budget.

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