Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Motion without notice commemorating Naledi High School, June 8th 1976


                                        MOTION WITHOUT NOTICE        

Internal Ref Number:
Naledi High School       

I hereby move, on behalf of the Democratic Alliance, that this House notes:

1.         That on 8th June, 1976, at Naledi High School in Soweto, police vehicles were set alight after their attempt to arrest a learner, Enos Ngutshane, who had written to the Department of Education in protest against the Bantu Education Act.

2.         Recalls that South African Student Movement (SASM) leaders went underground to arrange, with surrounding schools, a meeting on 13th June where the June 16th march was planned.

3.         Acknowledges that on that fateful day, students began marching from Naledi High, through Mofolo, Tladi, Jabulani and other suburbs of Soweto, arriving in Orlando West where the shooting of Hector Peterson made international headlines.

4.         And requests that this House gives due recognition to the people and community of Naledi, arguably the birthplace of the 1976 student revolt which unleashed an unstoppable movement culminating in our first free democratic elections 18 years later.

T Chance MP

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